Where Hunters can shoot the Turkeys Easily with a Longbow: Head Shooting

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It is a well-known fact that turkey is considered as one of the biggest bird & as the size of turkey makes him an ideal prey for the majority of the hunters but turkey is not easy & simple to shoot. I would like to share that number of turkeys are injured with archery tools every spring & never well again.

Thus, hunters should know & understand the game they pursue & become capable with their equipment for making a clean & gentle kill. While bow shooting a turkey, exact shot placement is important. Otherwise, hunters will count on a tiring day in order to take down a turkey, which cannot just take flight, however, run at speeds almost reaching 20 miles/hour.

Here are some important tips & tricks on where hunters can shoot the turkeys for ensuring a kind kill.

The Bow

The best way of going with turkeys is high relieved bows. Essentially, hunters will be firing birds openly at the direct range, however; they have to get an ideal shot angle. Hunters might need to hold for about a minute & sometimes more than that at the complete draw for getting the desired shot. Therefore, holding ten pounds is always better as compared to holding thirty pounds.

The Broadhead

Always remember that a perfect broadhead is important to headhunting turkeys. The .06” blades are brushed up then stropped therefore, they cut smoothly at the minor cut. The blades can cover a complete 4” in diameter thus; hunters have particular wiggle room because they grasp mid-neck.

The Blind

Hunters should have a good & workable blind. They can set the turkey blinds in evening & hunt it easily in next morning, however, always try to put the turkey blinds away from direct sunlight. Moreover, never get silhouetted contrary to an open back window. Try to have sufficient broadhead go-ahead for those revolving blades & do not shoot from window screens.

Close-Quarters Run through

All the beginners will have to set the short distance jot. At 5 yds.’ their 20 yds.’ will shoot quite low. Beginners have to shoot directly from a stool or chair if they are planning to use one and only in a blind. Unbendable spined shots with a range of fletching always fly best. Professional headhunters aim approximately 5” below ahead. Hunters should be capable of shooting 1” groups easily at that particular range.

The Decoys

I would like to share that the basic trick to take a head off the gobbler is to get close to him while preparing him to calmly stand long ample for a shot. Furthermore, setting up the Jake behind an obedient hen & might be another nourishing hen for a genuine looking meal is just a right manner to go. Well, it is better to wait up until the gobbler successfully moves up & take up a leading position. Generally, the hidden meaning behind this is ‘up periscope’. The decoys have to set just a few yds. from a blind.

Author: Christian E. Bright

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