Is Learning to Become Golfer Really Difficult

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To answer this question, we think you should read this article when we write about something you might face in the period of learning golf. And then, difficult or not, that belongs to your feeling.

Firstly, you have to learn severely when taking up golf sport. Your teacher must be a professor, not an amateur or your fellow. Besides, both of you need to have a certain correspondence, if not you will be surely ending soon.

Secondly, you can’t learn anything about golf just in one session; at least it is a full day, or even much more than that. One important thing you must notice is since you start to learn golf, you have had to live like a real golfer. For example: get up, have a breakfast, drive to golf course, warm up your body, play golf for 4-5 hours, have lunch and back home when a night comes. If someday you don’t want to go to a golf course, you still need to spend practicing time in a golf club. Because the club is a good place to hit some balls, do some fine-tuning the movement of the pendulum when you put or some grinding on some short games. So, of course, you might feel quite boring and lose a lot of your energy.

Thirdly, you shouldn’t buy drinks for all members on the golf course or club even when you score high mark. How expensive and wasted! But sometime you will fall into the situation that you must pay for some reasons like that or even something your club ordered and packed for everyone.

Fourthly, you may think that golf course or golf club is where you can meet new guys. Actually, many people come here to have the alone time for themselves. So, you seem to only get the privacy space when strolling around the course, hit a few balls and relax your mind. In additions, as a trainee, you might get the strange look from others who are old members in your club, especially when you have to eat alone in the restaurant of the golf course, just because you are a beginner.

Lastly, as same as other sports, before taking up the course, you have to do the warm-up exercises for the total body, especially on your abs, arms, back, and hips, about some minutes before the game starts. This is permanent to ensure that you will avoid the accidents and help you to enhance your ability in moving on the course, so you can get the best swings. These exercises are not so light, thus you should visit your doctor in the case while working out you, unfortunately, get an accident, sick, feeling hurt or discomfort on shoulder or back. We advise you that you should really finish these warm-up exercises and then, play your golf game. An exercise should last 5 minutes at least. If you want, let’s repeat all exercise once more.

Author: Christian E. Bright

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