How can someone decide about the Set of Tees, which he should play?

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Whether golfers are playing with their friends or on their own, one of the most important and first things, they have to ensure is related to the tees, which are deciding to play. Choosing the appropriate set of tees simply controls various variables. Each golf course which golfers visit always have unlimited sets of the tees boxes just as titled by the colored markers directly on a teeing field at the beginning of every hole.

Majority of the golf courses contains three cool sets of the tees such as back tees, central tees, and forwards tees. Whereas other golf courses can have seven, six or five sets of the tees. So which tees should golfers be playing from & why? Another important question is, how do golfers know that which best golf tees is suitable for them?

It is important to mention that each tee box relates to distinct yardages. It simply means that each tee box handles different playing capabilities of the golfers. The tee, which golfers find at the rear of a tee box, is considered as the longest tee set. On the other hand, the tee at the forward of a tee box is regarded as the shortest set. Golfers can easily find & know their yardages by simply checking the conforming lines on a board. The blue golf tees are labeled on the display by using a blue line & the list goes on.

With the passage of time, knowing the science behind selecting the appropriate sets of the tee will become comprehensible. If golfers are struggling hard from an exclusive set of the golf tees, not capable of reaching par-three holes directly from the golf tee or even not capable of reaching par-four holes in 2 shots then, it is advisable to move instantly up to shorter or easier set of the golf tees.

Do not try to play Golf Tees, which are very long for the Game

Majority of the novice golfers particularly men always try hard to play golf tees which are very long for their game. It is not rare to see the group of people on the teeing field hitting directly from the title fight golf tees just to hit the weak pieces into the timbers.

Thus, it is advisable to never copy them, as there is no shame & harm in playing your game from the forward sets of golf tees when it is suitable for the game. Furthermore, all those who play their game from golf tees, which are excessively long for the game, are just contributing to reducing the speed of play in the longer run.

Three Golf Tee Boxes Simply Means Stress-free Choice

I would like to share that at the golf course along with 3 sets of the tees, the process for selecting the right set is quite easily such as:

  1. The Championship golf tees are designated for mild handicap men
  2. The forward golf tees are for the high or middle handicap females & seniors & novices of all bands
  3. The middle golf tees are designated for the mild to severely handicap males, low handicap & long hitting females & low handicap & long hitting high-ranking males.

In case of various, Tee Box how someone can select yardage in order to directly play from easily.

At golf courses whose golf tee boxes have two or three sets of golf tees, it becomes a bit difficult. However, golfers can tackle it by bearing in mind the yardages from where the professional players used to play.

Nowadays, the normal length of the golf course is almost 7,200-7,400 yds. on the PGA visit. The standard length of the golf course is nearly 6,200-6,700 yards on LPGA visit. Lastly, for over fifty professionals the standard length of the golf course is nearly 6.500-6,900 yards on champions visit.

If readers are among the low-handicap group of golfers then, do not stress out & play from a set of golf tees, which imitate the yardages directly on the professional visits. Additionally, mildly handicapped can select their set of the golf tees, which have the yardage around 500 to 1,000 yds. It is quite less as compared to professional visit which signifies their age or gender.

High handicappers have to consider the sets with yardage of 1,000-1,500 yds., which is less as compare to the professional play. Last but not least, the novices should select the forward golf tees unless they know that they are capable of hitting the ball from the good distance along with consistency and accuracy. – Dominic J. Leon (

Another Recommended Method: Use Standard Five-Iron Distance

Another general rule for selecting the distance is five iron distance. In this, golfers have to take their standard five-iron distance, afterward multiply it by 36 & select the tees, which match that specific yardage most closely.

PGA of USA Guidelines for Selecting the Correct Tee Box

Average Drive                        Suggested Tees

300 Yd.                                     7,150 to 7,400 Yds.

275 Yd.                                     6,700 to 6,900 Yds.

259 Yd.                                    6,200 to 6,400 Yds.

225 Yd.                                    5,800 to 6,000 Yds.

200 Yd.                                   5,200 to 5,400 Yds.

175 Yd.                                    4,400 to 4,600 Yds.

150 Yd.                                   3,500 to 3,700 Yds.

125 Yd.                                   2,800 to 3,000 Yds.

100 Yd.                                  2,100 to 2,300 Yds.


Author: Christian E. Bright

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