Golf Shoes For Beginners

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Five miles is the average distance a golf player will have gone by the end of a game if he plays through all 18 holes. So it’s pretty obvious that quality of these shoes is crucial to golfers. Apart from comfort and appearance, which are usually considered first when people buy a pair of shoes, what other things should we think about when choosing golf shoes that could help us in the game?

A good pair of shoes will provide the power, balance, control and steadiness during your swings. The force needed does not only come only from the club but also from the ground through your feet. No matter you are a beginner or a professional, the shoes are always important. You must choose them based on your preferences and needs.


For a long time, the most popular golf shoes have been the leather shoes with spikes made from metal. It is difficult to convince some people they can play golf as well as before with new type of shoes. The first thing you must consider when spending on a shoe must be whether you want spikes or not. The choices will shrink to a half and you will have time putting thoughts on other factors.

The bottoms of recently made shoes have a plastic cleat on them which can be changed when they are eroded to make sure your shoes are properly equal.


– Conventional shoes with spikes have the finest traction, even on wet grass.

– Provide the steadiness when gaining power in a backswing.


– Need more cleaning because of grass and soil stuck in the spikes.

– Not as comfortable as shoes without spikes.

Contrary to its name, spikeless shoes still have lugs stuck out replacing conventional cleats at the bottom making them uneven. There is no way to replace them as they are on the shoe itself. Spikeless shoes have the same traction as spiked shoes on dry surfaces.


– Shoes without spikes are more adaptable and lighter.

– They are lower which make it is easier to wear on the way to the golf course.


– Your feet will become less steady on rough surfaces or difficult conditions like tall grass.

Traditional or Casual

This option totally depends on each person like the option with or without spikes. Traditional saddle shoes made from leather are still the most popular among professionals. Athletic ones are created so that they have the appearance of normal sneakers. The waterproof feature of these shoes helps them suitable for beginners they only need to concentrate on the game.

Upper, Outsole, and Midsole

Developments have happened a lot recently on golf equipment technology in general, including golf shoes. The best shoes will have to take advantage of these improvements. Three most important parts in the making of a shoe are the upper, outsole and midsole. Golf shoes usually have a lot of polyurethane as it is a sturdy and flexible material, making them come back to the original shape after deformation.

Polyurethane will make midsoles more comfortable and elastic. EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) is also a popular material to for midsoles.

Outsole sections must have resiliency and steadiness which is required in golf swings. Soft spike shoes now also have lugs as in spikeless shoes to make spike position more useful.

Traditional shoes often come with leather uppers with the only options of white, brown or black, brown color. Recently shoes with mesh uppers that are breathable and waterproof become more popular.

Flexibility Stability and Balance

Good golf shoes must have both steadiness and flexibility at the same time. The bottom of shoes must give the player stability to gain energy during the swing. Otherwise, it is difficult to make the club to hit the ball accurately.

When a player makes a golf swing without shoes, it will become noticeable that there are a lot of movements in his/her feet. Shoes for playing golf are made to restrict this kind of movements during a swing. The important factors impacting to the steadiness are whether the shoes have spikes and the position of lugs and spikes.

People who start playing golf often fail to notice that suppleness will help them have a good grip on a different type of surfaces. Flexible shoes will help the ankle feel more comfortable during a swing in a given surface.


Having to walk with your shoes on for a long time, you will want your shoes as lightweight as possible to make you feel comfortable and not have tired feet. Spiked shoes will usually be heavier but recent ones have less weight as they come with rubber soles and plastic spikes.


You can not predict when you have to play in a wet golf course so you must pay attention to the waterproof feature of the shoes. Water-Resistant shoes will not keep all the water out so you must be aware of this. Find shoes that provide the waterproof feature and have warranties to keep the water out of your shoe entirely.

Dry feet will have you in a swing because it reduces the possibility of sliding in the shoes. Slithering feet will make your hit have less power and accuracy.


Waterproof shoes often have little breathability and will leave moisture and sweat stuck to inside your shoes, making the socks as unpleasantly as wet ones. Shoes with mesh uppers are the popular option which has both waterproof and breathability, leaving you concentrating solely on the swings.

Fit and Style

Although comfort is the first choice, people still want to have a good looking pair of shoes, this depends on their preference of conventional leather or sneaker-like shoes.

You should personally try the shoes (with your socks you planned to play golf on) to see if they are fit to your feet. Choose shoes without heel movement and a decent space for your toe to prevent them from pinching.


Adidas Men’s Pure 360 Lite Golf Shoe


– Comfortable

– Athletic look

– Good flexibility

– Excellent for walking


– Little space for toe position

– Does not come with waterproof

– Not sewn inlining

Callaway Footwear Men’s Chev Aero II Golf Shoes


– Good traction

– Vast toe compartment

– Not easy to wear down

– Sturdy sole


– Not suitable for wide feet

ECCO Men’s Street EVO One Golf Shoe


– Excellent steadiness

– Good traction


– Narrow

New Balance Men’s NBG2004


– 2-year waterproof warranty


– Average traction

– Poor breathability

Nike Golf Men’s Lunar Cypress High-Performance Golf Shoe


– Stylish

– Lighter than a typical golf shoe

– Comfortable during distance walks


– Not so spacious

– Weak balance in the swings

PUMA Men’s Faas Lite Golf Shoe


– Lightweight

– Superior waterproofing

– Great traction



– Poor breathability

Skechers Performance Men’s Go Golf Elite 2


– Comfortable

– Good traction with the wet condition, mud, and grass


– Uncomfortable on rigid ground

– Thick heel area


Author: Christian E. Bright

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