What are the Some Best Tips for Hunting a Black bear in order to have a Memorable Hunting Experience?

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If you are a passionate hunter and want to hunt a black bear, then you should read the article carefully as here I am going to share the best back bear hunting tips. As hunter knows well that hunting, a black bear is a dangerous act. Knowing what hunters have to do in the field for having a successful & memorable hunting trip is not an easy thing.

Obviously, hunters should have a right type of gear along with a relevant knowledge concerning the different ways of getting that game.  Keeping this in view, I will give share some important black bear hunting tips on various parts of shooting, in order to help hunters to have a better understanding of how they can set up their personal black bear shooting trip.

Time & Plan

The foremost thing, which should be considered, is a right time when hunters can hunt bears easily. Hunters should wait for the correct time of the year & even a day as bears hideaway throughout the winter season that is why hunters have to search for the black bears during the spring and summers.

It is important to note that some states offer both winters & summers as an option or sometimes just one depending upon the situation thus, hunters should consider it while seeking the state’s permission to hunt. Afterward, there is a specific time of the day when hunters can easily search for the black bear.

It is better to start searching for the black bears early morning because sometimes it takes much time and effort to get the targeted black bear. Majority of the black bears prefer to come out during early afternoon however, it is not necessary that hunters will startle the black bears easily by simply getting into the place early. Shooting black bears demands some patience, however; once hunters will learn the art of hunting, they can hunt black bears easily.

Type of Bait

Nowadays, an ongoing debate among hunters is to use a bait. I am not here to decide what is wrong or right because it depends on the hunters. They have to think carefully about what is wrong or right according to the situation while figuring out that what will be best for them & their consciousness. It is advisable to read a lot about the principles of baiting for getting the ideas of great practices.

Furthermore, bait is used as a trick to compel black bears to visit the terrain easily. It works quite well with the stand as hunters can put a lure in the decided place where they can easily see it. Black bears have a powerful smelling sense thus; hunters would select a bait with powerful odor. Their strong smelling sense has its own pros and cons for the hunters. Black bears have acknowledged knowing lure by the nonappearance of bear bodily waste near it.

Hunters can easily work all around this but they have to find the feces while getting to their stand & putting that close to the bait. Another trick to get black bears is to put lure at the same place & time on daily basis.

It will work well for the hunters who live close to their regular shooting spot & for all those who are out for camping.  While using bait, it is better to make use of trail cameras, as these will help hunters to make a rough plan while deciding the best place for setting up the stand.

Do Work on Stand

Hunters should remember that stand is considered as an ideal solution of keeping themselves hidden from wildlife. Well, besides stand there are several other things, which hunters should consider for ensuring that they are out of sight.

It is recommended to make the stand more comfortable as it will be easier for the hunters to sit comfortably while waiting for the black bear. It means fixing something around your stand, which is, tinted Camo, however, still allow hunters to check their bait successfully from where they are right now.

Have Control over your Smell

Always remember that black bears are very clever when it comes to suspicious smells. Hunters have to use some necessary products for hiding their smell especially when they are walking all around the lure.

Additionally, nowadays fragrance control detergents are easily available which hunters can use particularly for their clothes. Once they have washed them, they can store them safely in the Ziploc bags for keeping them not dangerous from the odors in their home. Most importantly, food items also act as a source of aroma so it is better to be very careful.

Know your Black Bear

Before deciding to hunt a black bear, it is advisable to get the basic information concerning black bears. It means spending a lot of time to observe black bears via trail cameras. By doing so, hunters will get a clear understating about the different personality traits of the black bears & dealing with them accordingly.

Trappings Recommendations

When it comes to gear recommendation then, I would like to share that some gears are more important than others are. Each gear has its own specific purpose to serve. The most important gear is a rangefinder, as it will help hunters to watch the black bear when it moves nearby. Secondly, do consider safety harness.

Safety Matters a lot

Getting out & hunting black bears is all about fun & amusement but do not forget safety is more important. Therefore, it is important to learn the different safety tactics before going on the hunting trip. In spite of being ready for seeing the black bears, hunters should have a proper plan. It is best to have a detailed look the different maps, as they will clearly show the geographical details of the targeted area. It is advised to inform your friends or family members before going on a trip.

Final Thoughts

Hunting the black bears can give a memorable and lifetime experience but beginners should seek help before starting their trip. Do a lot of run through with the hunting weapons. Last but not the least, do a lot of research & study the experiences of skilled hunters.

Author: Christian E. Bright

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